Your dog is slipping and sliding on your hardwood or tile floors.

We understand how stressful this is to both you and your dog. Our non slip nail grips are the unique traction solution you’ve been searching for.

Here’s what you need to know to help your dog regain traction and confidence with ToeGrips.

🐾 ToeGrips were designed for senior and special needs dogs. They are not intended for young, active dogs.

🐾 Sizing is mission critical. Measuring your dog’s toenails is a one-time step that will ensure you select the right size ToeGrips for your dogs. Too big or too small, ToeGrips tend to fall off and/or shift out of position and stop working. ToeGrips should fit snugly and go on tight. You should have to work them onto the nails into position. Click here for sizing instructions and a short video tutorial.

🐾 ToeGrips must be applied correctly—they have to make contact with the ground when your dog walks to provide traction.

🐾Your dog can’t speak for himself. It’s important that you monitor your dog’s ToeGrips and toes daily. If a ToeGrip rides up the nail to the sensitive tissue at the nail bed it can cause harm.

What you can expect:

🐾 ToeGrips last an average of 1 to 3 months depending on the dog’s size, environment, and gait. As they start to wear out, your dog will begin to lose traction. Once you know that ToeGrips are working well for your dog, reorder. Then you’ll have the next set ready to go!

🐾 We expect success. We stand behind our product 100%. We offer a money back guarantee, but ultimately we want your dog to be successful in ToeGrips! If you have any issues at all, we are happy to help you!

Message us through social media, email us, or call our office. We genuinely care about you and your dog, and it is our privilege to be a part of your lives through ToeGrips! You can do this! We can help!


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