ToeGrips Success Story: Maggie the Black Lab

“Maggie is doing great with Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips; it’s a great product and Maggie is more than happy!”   Meet Maggie, a sweet 7-year-old, well-loved black lab who has been enjoying her new life in her forever home for the last three years. But a recent household move to Kentucky began to challenge Maggie with […]

woman hugging dog

Healthier Dogs and Happier People: 3 Life Lessons

Leverage. It is a principle my dad drilled into my head growing up. Finding a way to do more with less was his life mission. Naturally, this mindset spilled over into my life. We use leverage to accomplish our company mission: To preserve mobility for as many dogs as possible for as long as possible. On the surface, it looks […]

lab walks on hardwood floor with ToeGrips

How Important is Paw Friction to Dog Traction?

With the exception of ToeGrips, the products on the market which address traction-related mobility issues for dogs have one claim to fame—adding friction to the dog’s paws or pads.  It seems logical that adding “paw friction” should reduce slipping, and to some extent, it does.  But here’s the thing: for dogs, this is “Plan B”, […]


Is My Dog Too Old For Anesthesia?

As a veterinarian, I have a healthy respect for anesthesia and understand my clients’ fears.  Anesthesia is essentially the process of taking a living being to the brink of death—obliterating many life-preserving reflexes—and then bringing that being back to life again. It is never, ever without risk, but that risk should be carefully calculated from […]


Dental Care: Show Us Your Pearly Whites!

Dental Care Essentials: Brushing By Wayne Lilley, Dr. Buzby’s Innovations. Topic: Dental Care. Meet Zeppo the Toothbrushing Dog! (Video) My dog, Zeppo has his ‘issues’, but he excels in the ‘white teeth’ department! It turns out that good old-fashioned tooth brushing is the dental care answer for most dogs, with a little creativity thrown in for […]


Love and ToeGrips helped Ozzy recover from a spinal stroke

By Therese Kopiwoda: Twelve years ago, Cristina Enriquez was given an adorable little miniature schnauzer for her birthday, and it was love at first sight. She named the little guy Ozzy, after one of her favorite rockers, Ozzy Osbourne. With a little chuckle, she added that the two of them are nothing alike. Ozzy has […]