Watch our video to see how non slip ToeGrips provide instant traction for slipping dogs!

“Even today, the simplicity of the ToeGrips design gives me goosebumps. Dogs use their nails for traction. They flex their paws and engage their nails like soccer cleats digging into the ground. Instead of shutting down a dog’s natural gripping mechanism, like dog socks and boots do, ToeGrips make it work better. Hard nails can’t grip hard floors. ToeGrips grab the floor, providing instant traction to help your senior or special needs dog walk without slipping.” -Julie Buzby, DVM

If your dog is slipping on floors from age, injury, surgery, or disability, we can help! Dogs have the natural ability to walk on any surface. Slipping dogs just need a little help on hardwood or tile floors. ToeGrips create a “Grip Zone” where the toenail meets the floor to provide traction with each step.

toe grips grip zone


What our Clients are Saying…

Mandy DuBose, DVM, CCRP, CVA

“He is so much more confident, standing taller and getting around so much better.”

…I had an 18 yr old Jack Russell Terrier named Harley who came in yesterday sporting ToeGrips that his family vet put on him. I have been treating him with acupuncture. He is really weak in his rear limbs and boy what a difference the ToeGrips have made!! He is so much more confident, standing taller and getting around so much better. I’m so glad that you have this product to offer us!

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